The King Joyoboyo or Sri Jayabaya

The King Joyoboyo or Sri Jayabaya

From existing records, Sri Jayabaya reigned around the year 1135 centuries to 1157 centuries. This king has the title Sri Maharaja Sang Mapanji Jayabhaya Sri Warmeswara Madhusudana Awataranindita Suhtrisingha Parakrama Uttunggadewa.

During the reign of Jayabaya, the Kingdom of Kediri reached its peak. At that time, Panjalu was able to defeat Jenggala and control the entire throne of Airlangga. In Jayabaya’s government, the entire territory of Kediri could be united.

Many inscription records were left at this time. The inscription records found were the Hantang inscription (1135 AD), the Talan inscription (1136 AD), and the Japanese inscription (1144 AD). Not only that, but there are also literary works in the form of kakawin Bharatayuddha (1157 AD).

In the chronicle of Tanah Jawi and Serat Aji Pamasa, it is said that King Jayabaya is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This king led a country called Widarba with the capital city in Mamenang.

Jayabaya’s father is Gendrayana. Gendrayana is the son of Yudayana, the son of Parikesit, the son of Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna of the Pandava family.

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The consort of King Jayabaya named Dewi Sara. Jayabaya is known to have 4 children namely Jayaamijaya, Dewi Pramesti, Dewi Pramuni, and Dewi Sasanti.

Jayaamijaya sent down kings in Java, even to the Majapahit Kingdom and also the Islamic Mataram Kingdom. Meanwhile, Pramesti married Astradarma, the king of Yawastina, and gave birth to a son, Anglingdarma, the king of Malawapati.

The kingdom of Kediri experienced a golden age when it was ruled by King Jayabaya. Prabu Jayabaya’s leadership strategy in prospering his people is indeed very impressive. This kingdom, whose capital is Dahono Puro, at the foot of Mount Kelud, has very fertile soil so that all kinds of plants grow green.

Agricultural and plantation products are abundant. In the middle of the city divides the flow of the Brantas River. The water is clear and there are lots of different kinds of fish, so there is always enough protein and nutritious food.

The produce is then transported to the city of Jenggala, near Surabaya, by boat along the river. The wheels of the economy are running smoothly, so the Kingdom of Kediri can really be called a country that is “Gemah Ripah Loh Jinawi Tata Tentrem Karta Raharja”

In his government, Jayabaya implemented a strategy to realize prosperity and prosperity for all its people. The kingdom at this time was very prosperous, both from agriculture and trade. Economically, the people of Kediri have a guaranteed life. The kingdom’s power also extended to the entire island of Java and Sumatra.

Jayabaya abdicated the throne by means of muksa or disappeared without leaving the body. Before disappearing, Jayabaya first meditated in Win Village, Pagu District, Kediri Regency. After that, the crown (kuluk) and also his oversized clothes (ageman) were removed, then the king of Jayabaya disappeared.

The kingdom of Kediri reached its peak of glory during the reign of King Sri Jayabaya until the kingdom of Kediri continued to expand. Which originally came from Central Java, then continued to spread to almost all areas of the island of Java was successfully controlled. The history of the glorious days that the kingdom of Kediri has achieved is strengthened by news or records from the Chinese chronicle, namely Liung-wa-tai-a, a work of Chou Ku-fei in 1178 AD. Its contents are in the richest country (at the time of the kingdom of Kediri led by King Sri Jayabaya) besides China, respectively, namely Arabia, Java, and Sumatra. At that time the rulers in Arabia were the Abbasids, in Java was the Panjalu Kingdom (Kediri), while Sumatra was ruled by the Srivijaya Kingdom.

Jayabaya is famous for his prediction, the Jayabaya Term. Some of these predictions have been proven true in the current era of modern civilization.

In addition to what has been mentioned above, Prabu Jayabaya in the end shared: the past, is being and will happen in the future, especially in Indonesia. The length of time is 2,100 solar years (1 solar year = ±10.3 our year sekai’ang). The prediction is that it will become Tri-takali, namely:

  1. The original era is called KALI-SWARA, the setting is 700 years of the sun (721 ih .) midwife). At that time in Java there were many sounds of nature, because of the commotion, thunder, lightning, and many miraculous events because many Humans became gods and gods descended to Earth to become humans.
  2. Middle Ages called KALI-YOGA. At this time a lot of changes on Earth, the Earth splits causing the kedi-kedi island, many creatures who go the wrong way, because many people who die incarnate (nitis).
  3. The end times are called KALI-SANGARA, 700 th. At this time a lot rain is wrong prey (season) and many times and the river (river) shifts, The earth is less useful, hinders the coming of happiness, reduces the sense of satisfaction, because humans who die still hold on to their knowledge.
The King Joyoboyo or Sri Jayabaya

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