Development Effect Hindu Buddhist on Indonesian Society

As we know that the influence of Indian culture caused a big change in Indonesian culture. With the writings, in Indonesia there began to be records of important events in a kingdom’s territory. Thus, since then the Indonesian nation has entered the era of history. The period of influence of Hindu culture is called the […]

Term Jayabaya : Prabu Jayabaya’s Magical Prophecy

Prabu Jayabaya was a king who was just and wise in ruling and had considerable attention to the fields of culture and literature. Jayabaya had a role in building Javanese literature. Prabu Jayabaya is believed to have produced works in the field of literature, namely in the form of predictions recorded in the Jayabaya Term. […]

The King Joyoboyo or Sri Jayabaya

From existing records, Sri Jayabaya reigned around the year 1135 centuries to 1157 centuries. This king has the title Sri Maharaja Sang Mapanji Jayabhaya Sri Warmeswara Madhusudana Awataranindita Suhtrisingha Parakrama Uttunggadewa. During the reign of Jayabaya, the Kingdom of Kediri reached its peak. At that time, Panjalu was able to defeat Jenggala and control the […]

The Steps of Ceremony at Nyepi Day

The life of the Indonesian people who live side by side with different religions we have encountered in several regions in Indonesia. Nyepi is an activity carried out by the Hindu community to meet needs, spiritual needs, spiritual needs, and physical needs. The implementation of Nyepi which is carried out through an order or series […]

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